Out of hours

If you need medical advice, please call the free 111 service.

Always call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured, and their life is at risk or go to your local Accident and Emergency Service.

When the surgery is closed and you cannot wait until we re-open, SELDOC, a co-operative of local GP’s including those from this practice provides an emergency service. This means that you will not necessarily speak to a doctor from this practice and you may be asked, if you are well enough to travel, to go to a local base to be seen.

Before ringing out of hours or emergency services, remember to gather as much information as possible so that they can treat you as well as possible. Please remember that these services do not have access to your medical records. Please look at using outside services for urgent care for details of what information to gather.

SELDOC procedure:

Contact SELDOC by telephone on 020 8693 9066.
A call handler will record the patient’s details and a brief description of their symptoms.
The information gathered is passed onto the next available duty doctor who will telephone the patient back to discuss the problem.
Many of the calls are concluded as telephone advice, however should a face-to-face consultation be required, the patient will be invited to attend the primary care centre at Dulwich Hospital. If the patient is unable to attend, then a mobile doctor will be sent to visit them in their home.
If you are invited to attend the primary care centre at Dulwich Hospital, the getting to Dulwich hospital page may be useful when planning your journey.