Book And Cancel Appointments


The Practice offers a variety of appointments with highly skilled clinicians who can help with your care. These include:

  • Nurse Practitioner
  • In-house Prescribing Pharmacist
  • First Contact Practitioners
  • Practice Nurses
  • Physician Associates
  • Social Prescriber
  • GPs

Therefore, our trained reception staff will ask you for a nature of your illness and offer you an appointment with the most appropriate clinician.

This allows us to free up more doctors appointments for the patients who need them the most.

Symptom Checker

If you think you need medical help right now, 111 online can tell you what to do next.

Get help for your symptoms using the NHS 111 online website

Speak to Your Local Pharmacy

Your pharmacy can advise you on minor illness without the need for an appointment. Please speak to a pharmacist first.

Pharmacy Logo

Pharmacy & Self-Care

Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can offer clinical advice, over the counter medicines and their use, to effectively and safely manage a range of minor health concerns. They can also help you to decide whether you'll need to see a doctor. You don't need an appointment and you won't even be asked to make a purchase. Every pharmacy also has a private consultation area for you to talk about your symptoms in private if you prefer.


Accurx Patient Triage

If you need help with a non-urgent medical or admin request, you can now contact us online

What is Accurx Patient Triage?
Accurx Patient Triage enables NHS based GP practices to offer online consultations to their patients. This allows patients to submit their symptoms or requests to their own GP electronically, and offers around the clock NHS self-help information, signposting to services, and a symptom checker.

Use Accurx Patient Triage

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations can be booked in person, by telephone or online

You may wish to book a telephone consultation if you feel that you do not need a face to face appointment or if you cannot get to the surgery. Enquiries about results can also be dealt with over the telephone. 

Urgent / Same Day Appointments

Urgent same day telephone appointments can be booked in by calling reception

If there are no appointments available and you need urgent assistance you will be placed on the duty doctor list and s/he will call you to assess the situation. If s/he feels that you need to be seen that day arrangements will be made for you to attend the surgery.

Your choice of doctor will be more limited as it will depend on who is on duty and who has appointments available.

GP Appointments

In order to meet our high appointment demands and to ensure all patients who need to consult with a GP can get an appointment with one, our reception team will:

  • Redirect minor ailments issues to our community or in-house pharmacists.
  • When appropriate, offer an appointment with our other highly skilled clinical team members e.g. in-house Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, First Contact Practitioners, Social Prescribers and other Health Care Professionals.
  • Signpost patients directly to other community services e.g. podiatry, antenatal clinics, physiotherapists etc. to ensure patients can access their service directly without needing to use a GP appointment.
  • Consult with a Duty Doctor who works in the reception area when they need an assistance with redirecting your query to the right team member or service

Other important changes:

  • There is no need to call the surgery at 8:00am to arrange a routine appointment.
  • Patients will now be able to pre-book appointments up to two weeks in advance for both telephone consultation as well as face to face appointments.
  • Telephone appointments can be pre-booked online by using the NHS app.
  • Face to face appointments to discuss new issues with our regular doctors will now be 15min long.
  • Test results and follow up appointments should be booked in with a requesting clinician.
  • Booking Online: To book appointments online you can use the NHS App. You will need to come to the surgery with your ID and obtain a user number and a registration code in order to set up your account.
  • Appointment Length: Our standard face to face appointment with a regular doctor is now 15 minutes long but some clinics and procedures are allocated more time if they require it. Follow up consultations and telephone calls are 10min each.
  • Choice Of Doctor: Wherever possible we try to accommodate your choice of doctor but this is dependent on when s/he is on duty and whether s/he has appointments available. If you wish to see a particular doctor it is advisable to book in advance. All the doctors have access to your medical records and can therefore assist you even if your usual doctor is unavailable.

Nurse Appointments

All nurse appointments are bookable in advance, usually up to a month prior to the appointment date.

As these appointments can get booked up quite quickly we recommend that you plan in advance if you want some choice when booking.

These appointments can only be booked in person or by telephone as the receptionist needs to know what your appointment is for so that s/he can book an appointment of the appropriate length. The standard appointment is 15 minutes long but your appointment may be longer depending on what your appointment is for.

The Services page lists the services which our nurses are able to provide at the surgery.

Young People's Clinic

This is a clinic for young people aged 13 to 19 years old held on Wednesday afternoons.

Dr Lamb offers telephone consultations as well as face to face appointments as a part of this clinic.

Please call us to book an appointment as these appointments are in high demand.

Home Visits

Home Visits are for people who are seriously ill and cannot get to the surgery.

If you are housebound or too ill to come to the surgery, the doctor will visit you in your home.

If possible, try to ring the surgery BEFORE 10:00am so that the doctors can plan their visits after morning surgery.

Give your name, address, telephone number and the reason for the visit when you ring. Please provide as much information as possible, to allow the doctors to prioritise their visits. You may be telephoned by a doctor prior to a visit to asses it’s urgency. Please help us by only asking for a home visit when it is really necessary.

When the surgery is closed, SELDOC, a co-operative of local GP’s, including those from this practice, provide an emergency service. This means that you will not necessarily be visited by a doctor from this practice and you may be asked, if you are well enough to travel, to go to a local base to be seen. Our local base is at Dulwich Hospital. 020 8693 9066.

Sickness Certificates

If you are off work for 7 days or less, you do not need to give your employer a fit note or other proof of sickness from a medical professional.

Your employer may however require you to complete a self-certification form (SC2) which is available from your employer or you can download it from the HMRC website.

You must give your employer a doctor’s ‘fit note’ (sometimes called a ‘sick note’) if you’ve been ill for more than 7 days in a row and have taken sick leave. This includes non-working days, such as weekends and bank holidays.

Taken sick leave for more than 7 days in a row? Request your sick/fit note here

Out Of Hours Services

If the surgery is closed and there is a medical emergency or someone’s life might be at risk you should call 999 or go to the Accident and Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.

In other cases you should call the out of hours service on 111. 

Before ringing out of hours or emergency services, remember to gather as much information as possible so that they can treat you as well as possible. Please remember that these services do not have access to your medical records.

A call handler will record your details and a brief description of your symptoms. Please have the following information ready:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address (or the address you are staying at)
  • Your telephone number
  • Your registered GP practice
  • You will need to be able to provide basic information on your medical problem so that they can assess the best healthcare option for you.

Many of the calls are concluded as telephone advice, however, should a face-to-face consultation be required, you will be will be seen by a SELDOC GP or at one of the Lambeth GP Hubs.

NHS App Drop In

There is a clinic every Wednesday that can be booked into for all those having issues with or wanting the NHS app explained.

Just call reception for aid. 


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.